Lowell Libson & Jonny Yarker Ltd

We are delighted to be welcoming in 2024 with the publication of our latest catalogue of ‘Recent Acquisitions’ – you can find the a PDF of the catalogue here. Our first outing for the year is at the Winter Show, New York. We hope to welcome many of you to the fair in its 70th year. We have lots of thrilling works on offer including a number that are not in our latest catalogue.

One of highlights is an exceptional watercolour by JMW Turner. Boldly worked in pure watercolour, with no preliminary pencil under drawing, it represents an important essay in the motifs which most engaged Turner: the confluence of earth, water, and sky, in this case animated by evening light. As with other colour studies of the mid-1830s, Turner omits all extraneous detail or narrative content, concentrating solely on the landscape and elements. As such, it points to an important shift of focus in Turner’s career that took place in the mid-1830s, as he developed what would become his late style and working methods. Formally, as the decade progressed, Turner became increasingly preoccupied by the sensation of being in the landscape he sought to depict, remarking to John Ruskin in 1844 that ‘atmosphere is my style’. Although not intended as a preliminary study for a more finished work, this rich, evocative watercolour almost certainly served to aid Turner in the process of observation, intensifying his experience of shifting light and weather on the dramatic terrain of the Lake District. As such, it can be viewed as anticipating Turner’s great sequence of watercolours depicting lakes in Switzerland made in the following decade. Preserved in exceptional condition, this large sheet has not been on the market for over quarter of a century.

The Winter Show

Park Avenue Armory
643 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065

Thursday, January 18 - 5 – 9pm - Opening Night Party
Friday, January 19 - 12pm – 8pm
Saturday, January 20 - 2pm – 7pm
Sunday, January 21 - 12pm – 6pm
Monday, January 22 - 12pm – 8pm
Tuesday, January 23 - 12pm – 5pm
Wednesday, January 24 - 12pm – 8pm
Thursday, January 25 - 12pm – 5pm
Friday, January 26 - 12pm – 8pm
Saturday, January 27 - 12pm – 7pm
Sunday, January 28 - 12pm – 6pm